No need to quarantine or vaccine when you visit Ecuador!

Updated March 22th

 Travelers must present a negative COVID PCR test result for entry; the test must
be taken within 72 hours before departure, OR the covid 19 vaccination certificate with complete series at least 14 days before entering Ecuador

Ecuador has no quarantine/self-isolation requirements

Life in Our Hostel:

The Secret Garden complies with all relevant covid-19 requirements.

Traveling in Ecuador:

Ecuador is continuing to ease up on the various covid restrictions. Most of
the tourism infrastructure (hostels, restaurants, national parks, tourist attractions, public
transport/intercity buses, flights to Galapagos, etc.) has re-opened over the past couple of months.
The Secret Garden Cotopaxi is also open, and while things are still a bit quiet -we are offering some
great long-stay discounts. E.g. 7 nights in a dorm incl all meals, snacks, tea, coffee, etc., and some free
tours from $140, incl tax.

We’ll update this page when we hear of any changes. And please don’t hesitate to drop us an email
if you have further questions or need to clarify any details – [email protected]

You can also read the full page of Ecuador’s covid 19 protocols here:

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