Pasochoa Refuge: A Treasure in the Andean Valley

Nestled within the inter-Andean valley, the Pasochoa refuge safeguards a unique forest that has been protected from destruction due to its difficult access inside the caldera. This refuge is an ideal destination for both adventure seekers and those looking for a peaceful walk to admire the Andean biodiversity. With a rocky volcano to climb and […]

Explore the Beauty of Los Ilinizas Ecological Reserve

Nestled amidst the grand Andes Mountains lies the breathtaking Los Ilinizas Ecological Reserve. The reserve is home to two twin peaks that originated from a single ancient volcano. The soils of the reserve are of recent volcanic origin, which adds to the unique character of this awe-inspiring destination. Diverse Ecosystems in the Ilinizas The Ilinizas […]

Discovering the Untouched Beauty of Cofan Bermejo Ecological Reserve

Have you ever heard of Cofan Bermejo Ecological Reserve? It is a protected area that lies in the northern part of the Amazon region and is home to rugged and inaccessible terrain that remains unknown to most Ecuadorians. The reserve is named after the Bermejo river, which has been the ancestral territory of the Cofán […]

Exploring Arenillas Ecological Reserve

Nestled in the province of El Oro, in the southwestern part of Ecuador, lies the beautiful Arenillas Ecological Reserve. This protected area boasts a diverse range of ecosystems, including dry forests, bushes, and mangroves. Its biodiversity is truly impressive, with many species that are endemic to the equatorial dry forests of southern Ecuador and northern […]

Discover the Natural Beauty of Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi National Park is a true wonder of the world, boasting the Cotopaxi volcano, a snow-capped cone that stands at an impressive 5,897 metres above sea level. It’s a true natural wonder, recognised globally as one of Ecuador’s top natural landmarks alongside the Galapagos Islands. Mountaineers from across the globe have climbed its summit, with […]

Antisana National Park: Exploring the Majestic Volcano and Pristine Landscapes

The Antisana volcano, nestled in the Eastern Andes range, stands as a majestic and enigmatic wonder. The area protected by the Antisana National Park encompasses high-altitude wetlands and eastern Andean forests, forming a diverse habitat shaped by volcanic activity, glacier dynamics, and the forces of evolution. Its breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife captivate visitors, while […]

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Cayambe-Coca National Park

Cayambe-Coca National Park, located in Ecuador, is a natural treasure that captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring landscapes and abundant water sources. With its snow-capped Cayambe volcano and the origins of the Coca River, the park showcases nature’s grandeur. However, it is the park’s remarkable water features that truly set it apart. From mist-laden environments to […]