Saraguro Nationality: A Cultural Treasure in Loja Province

Saraguro, one of the cantons of the Loja Province in Ecuador, is a land full of history, tradition, and natural beauty. Its indigenous communities have managed to preserve their culture and ancestral customs, making Saraguro a unique place in the country. The Origin of Saraguro The name Saraguro comes from the words “Sara,” which means […]

Kichwa Nationality: The Indigenous People of Ecuador’s Amazon Region

The Kichwa people are the largest indigenous group in the Ecuadorian Amazon region, with a population of around 55,000 people. They are descendants of native people who were “Quechuaised” during different historical periods, particularly during the colonial period. This introduction of Quechua resulted in the loss of the native language in many villages, and in […]

Shuar Nationality: Culture, Traditions and Way of Life

The Shuar nationality is a community that exists both in Ecuador and Peru. In Ecuador, this nationality is primarily located in the provinces of Morona Santiago, Pastaza and Zamora Chinchipe, and also in Sucumbíos and Orellana in the Amazon region, and Guayas and Esmeraldas in the Coastal region. The Shuar claim a territory of 900,688 […]

Otavalo Nationality: The Heart of Kichwa People

Otavalo, the cultural hub of Kichwa people, is known for its history, tradition, and commercial activity. The town’s cultural richness is a testament to the high levels of organisation and production of its people since the Inca and colonial times. Otavalo is an intercultural community that manifests its folklore in every corner. The inhabitants proudly […]

Tsáchila Nationality: Preserving Cultural Richness and Heritage

The Tsáchila nationality, renowned for its cultural richness, thrives in the communities of Santo Domingo canton. With their settlements spread across seven distinct communities – Poste, Peripa, Chiguilpe, Otongo Mapalí, Los Naranjos, Colorados del Búa, and Cóngoma – the Tsáchila ethnic group epitomises the vibrant cultural fabric of the region. The name Tsáchila, meaning “true […]

Unlocking the Rich Cultural Heritage of Ecuador’s Indigenous Peoples

Ecuador: A Tapestry of Diversity Did you know that Ecuador boasts an astounding 14 nationalities and 18 indigenous peoples, all descendants of the original groups that have inhabited this breathtaking country? For thousands of years, the presence of these indigenous communities has indelibly shaped Ecuador’s unique pluricultural and multiethnic character, contributing to its rich tapestry […]