Machalilla National Park

This park is one of the country’s first protected areas. Its early declaration in 1979 reveals that even at the beginning of Ecuador’s National System of Protected Areas, the importance of the area and the urgency to protect its ecosystems – the dry and semi-dry forests and the marine-coastal environments of southern Manabí – were […]


The Cotopaxi volcano, an almost perfect snow-capped cone that rises 5,897 meters above sea level, is something unique on the planet and is perhaps, along with the Galapagos, the greatest symbol of our natural geography recognized worldwide. Thousands of mountaineers of all nationalities have reached its summit and many others dream of doing so. Because […]


This park has three main attractions: three volcanoes (two of them active), an abundance of lakes with amazing stories, such as the one where hundreds of birds come to die, and a huge biodiversity. The park extends over the Eastern Cordillera protecting páramos, high Andean forests, and subtropical forests. Because of this wonderful geography and […]


Antisana is a majestic and mysterious volcano in the Eastern Andes range. It is the core of this protected area, which contains high-altitude wetlands and eastern Andean forests. Volcanic activity, glacier advance and retreat, and evolution have created impressive landscapes and a diverse wildlife within its territory. Reflecting the volcano is Laguna de la Mica, […]

Cayambe Coca National Park

Guided by its name, one could say that the Cayambe – Coca National Park protects the snow-capped Cayambe volcano and the sources of the Coca River, but in truth, this is rather the national park of water. There is water everywhere, in the environment due to the constant mist and rains, in the vegetation and […]

Birds in Mindo

In Mindo, a parish located in the northwest of Pichincha and considered worldwide as one of the best destinations for birdwatching, the 19th edition of the Christmas Bird Count will take place from December 13th to 15th. Around 34 groups will participate in this new edition, covering a 24-kilometer circle that includes the Cinto river […]

Flowers in Cayambe

The area of the Canton ranges from 1,730 to 4,300 meters above sea level (IGM maps, 1996), with an average annual temperature of 13.7ºC, with maximum values of 25.6ºC and minimums of 3ºC (table 4 and maps 4 and 52). Its average annual precipitation ranges from 400 mm to 1300 mm (table 4 and graph […]

Export of flowers in Ecuador

In 2021, the high consumption of flowers in the United States positioned this market as the second global importer, concentrating around 21% of the world’s flower imports. According to the stimulus of post-pandemic recovery plans, there was an increase in flower consumption in this market over the past year, driven by monetary transfers and overall […]

Saraguro Nationality

The historical richness of its ethnicity, its natural charms and the articulated work between local authorities and the Ministry of Tourism, have made it possible for the canton to achieve this recognition.Saraguro is one of the cantons of the province of Loja, it is characterized by the authenticity of its indigenous communities, its great traditions […]

Nationality Kichwa

The Kichwa people are descendants of indigenous or original peoples who were “Quechuaized” during different historical periods, especially during the colonial period. The result of the introduction of Quechua caused the disappearance of the native language in many villages or, in other cases, the reduction of its use to a few individuals.The Kichwa indigenous community […]