Cayambe Summit PEAK Adventure Climb

When was the last time you challenged yourself? Climb the Cayambe (5790m) – the the third highest volcano in Ecuador! Cayambe is a massive extinct

Cotopaxi Day Tour

Cotopaxi National Park is home to Ecuador’s most captivatingly photogenic volcano. Towering at 5897 meters the giant Cotopaxi peak boasts a perfectly symmetrical snow-capped cone

Quilotoa Day Tour

The Quiltoa lake is inside a volcanic crater, its emerald-colored water impacts all its visitors. Because of the tranquility of its environment

Otavalo Day Tour

The Otavalo Market day tour is a wonderful way to discover and combine the famous artesian indigenous market in Ecuador

Mindo 1 day

Mindo is a small town set amidst a landscape of lush green mountains, crystalline rivers & waterfalls, and pristine nature.