Discovering the Beauty of Birds in Mindo

If you’re a bird enthusiast, Mindo is the place to be. Located in the northwest of Pichincha, two hours away from Quito, this parish is known globally for its impressive array of bird species, making it one of the best destinations for birdwatching. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Mindo and the […]

Flowers in Cayambe

The area of the Canton ranges from 1,730 to 4,300 meters above sea level (IGM maps, 1996), with an average annual temperature of 13.7ºC, with maximum values of 25.6ºC and minimums of 3ºC (table 4 and maps 4 and 52). Its average annual precipitation ranges from 400 mm to 1300 mm (table 4 and graph […]

Export of flowers in Ecuador

In 2021, the high consumption of flowers in the United States positioned this market as the second global importer, concentrating around 21% of the world’s flower imports. According to the stimulus of post-pandemic recovery plans, there was an increase in flower consumption in this market over the past year, driven by monetary transfers and overall […]