Saraguro Nationality

The historical richness of its ethnicity, its natural charms and the articulated work between local authorities and the Ministry of Tourism, have made it possible for the canton to achieve this recognition.Saraguro is one of the cantons of the province of Loja, it is characterized by the authenticity of its indigenous communities, its great traditions […]

Nationality Kichwa

The Kichwa people are descendants of indigenous or original peoples who were “Quechuaized” during different historical periods, especially during the colonial period. The result of the introduction of Quechua caused the disappearance of the native language in many villages or, in other cases, the reduction of its use to a few individuals.The Kichwa indigenous community […]

Shuar Nationality

The Shuar nationality is present in both Ecuador and Peru. In our country it is located in the provinces of Morona Santiago, Pastaza and Zamora Chinchipe, with other settlements in Sucumbíos and Orellana in the Amazon and, in the Coastal Region, in Guayas and Esmeraldas.Currently, the Shuar claim a territory of 900688 ha. The legalized […]

Otavalo Nationality

The cultural richness that beats in this destination is the result of being the cradle of the Quichua people of the Otavalos, known for its history, tradition and commercial activity. Since Inca and colonial times, this town has been coveted by the conquerors, who recognized in this area and its people high levels of organization […]

Tsáchilas Nationality

The communities of the Tsáchila nationality have a great cultural richness, which is evident in their daily practices. The Tsáchila ethnic group is the most representative culture of the Santo Domingo canton and is settled in seven communities: Poste, Peripa, Chiguilpe, Otongo Mapalí, Los Naranjos, Colorados del Búa and Cóngoma. The name Tsáchila, which means […]

Indigenous Communities

Did you know that in Ecuador there are 14 nationalities and 18 indigenous peoples descendants of the original groups that populated Ecuador! For thousands of years the historical presence has determined the pluricultural and multiethnic character of the country.The historical reality demonstrates irrefutably that the American continent was inhabited by different peoples from the Arctic […]

Darwin Island and Wolf Island

The Galapagos Islands are known as one of the seven underwater wonders of the world and Darwin and Wolf Islands are the best of the Galapagos archipelago site, one of the best places to dive and enjoy a breathtaking underwater adrenaline rush in the whole world! These islands are inhabited by a variety of marine […]


What is ayahuasca?It is a medicinal and sacred drink for a large part of the Amazonian peoples. This herbal plant has been an essential part of the life of indigenous peoples. Ayahuasca is taken in purification, learning and healing ceremonies.The word “ayahuasca” is a Quechua term composed of two names: aya, which means “corpse, dead, […]

Typical food of Ecuador (Coast and Amazonia)

Ecuador is a mega diverse and pluricultural country blessed with unique geographical conditions that give life to an extensive variety of cultures, which over the generations have transmitted a multitude of traditional dishes that today are enjoyed and are available to all lovers of good food. Since it has one of the most varied cuisines […]

Kicker Rock

It is really incredible to see a lion while it sleeps, now, you imagine it permanently, engraved on a big rock, because this is the case of the Sleeping Lion Rock that together with its exceptional landscapes make it an excellent place to enjoy the peace and harmony of it and if you want a […]